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St. Davids now has an online Calendar. We will regularly update this calendar with events happening throughout our school. Find the link at the top of this page.

Office will be open the week of August 28, 2023 for registration.

Please follow the link provided to complete your Online Registration:

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About St. Davids Public School

St. Davids was the first public school ever established in the Niagara area.  First built by Major Francis Goring in 1790, the school was a one room log building.  Construction costs amounted to 1 pound, 12 shillings or the equivalent today of about $5.00.

Since St. Davids was the temporary capital of Upper Canada for a couple of years during The War of 1812, it was the target of many attacks.  In 1814, most of St. Davids including the school was burnt to the ground.  A new school was built near the present location of the United Church.

In 1871, a new one-roomed stone school was built in the village on the present location.  This school was on land donated by David Jackson Lowrey whose descendants attended St. Davids.

About the beginning of World War I, a brick two-roomed addition was added.  These rooms presently used by the Grade 7 and 8 classes.  In 1953, the old one roomed school was removed and two new classes and a playroom were added.  A third addition was completed in 1960.

In the fall of 1990, the Lincoln County Board decided to add a gymnasium addition to St. Davids.  Grant Sauder was selected as the Architect and the construction was awarded to Risen Construction.  Construction began in September, 1991.

It was appropriate then that the school's thorough renovation, construction of a new library/computer room, construction of offices and creation of a new entrance would also be awarded to Grant Sauder.  This work was begun in the summer of 1994.

While the building has changed over the many years of its existence, the inquiring students, the dedicated teachers and strong community support has remained steadfast.