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Important Dates


4    Math Night 5:00 - 6:30 PM

8    Big Red School Fundraiser

       goes home

24  Dental Screening JK/SK

25  Dental Screening JK/SK

25  Big Red Orders Due

26  Forest of Reading Conf.

30  HPV and Hep B


3   Technovation Challenge

6    Big Red Pick Up

7   Track and Field Meet

13 Muffins with Moms

      7:30 - 9:00 am

13  Regional Track Meet

15  Support Staff Day

21  NOTL firefighters  Pres

27  Gr. 8s to Mental Health   

       and Wellness Day

29  Gr. 1s and 2s to


30  Intermediate 3 Pitch


6  Willie Wonka Performance

     1:45 pm and 6:00 pm

12 Jr. 3 Pitch

11 - 14 Gr. 7/8 to Quebec

13  DSBN track meet

14  Gr. 3 to Niagara

       Peninsula Cons. Authority

17  Donuts with Dad

       7:30 - 9:00

24  Bike Rodeo

25  Grade 8 Grad 6:00

27  Last Day

EQAO Dates

Wed. May 22nd - Wed. May 29


Monthly Theme




This year we are celebrating our very first STAFF APPRECIATION DAY on April 25th.  We are lucky enough at our school to have exceptional teachers and staff who are dedicated to teaching and to supporting the learning of our children.

School Council hopes, with the generosity of all of our school families, that we can provide a pot luck lunch to thank them on April 25th.  (drop off time will be 12:30 at the front office) 

Calling all bakers and chefs....  please email and let us know the items you are willing to provide.      taniaferavangent@gmail.com


A big thank you to all of the parents who attended our Parent session on how to raise Resilient Children.  Here are a list of resources that were recommended from the session:






"Growing up Resilient:  Ways to Build Resilience in children and youth" by Tatyana Barankin and Nazilla Khanlouo

"Building Resilience in Children and Teens:  Giving Kids Roots and Wings" by Kenneth Ginsburg and Martha Jablow

"Think, Feel, Act:  Empowering Children in the Middle Years - Strengthening Children's Resilience and Mental Health by Laura Lynne Armstrong

"The Optimistic Child:  A Proven Program to Safeguard Children Against Depression and Build Lifelong Resilience" by M. Seligman


Safe Arrival Program

To enhance our existing absence-checking procedure, we are introducing a new, more efficient student absence reporting system called SafeArrival.  This new system will reduce the time it takes to verify student attendance, make it easy for you to report your child’s absence and easy for staff to respond to unexplained student absences.

With SafeArrival, you are asked to report your child’s absence in advance using any of these 3 convenient methods:

  • Using your mobile device, download and install the SchoolMessenger app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store (or from the links at https://go.schoolmessenger.ca). The first time you use the app, select Sign Up to create your account. Select Attendance then Report an Absence.
  • Use the SafeArrival website, at https://go.schoolmessenger.ca. The first time you use the website, select Sign Up to create your account. Select Attendance then Report an Absence.
  • Call the toll-free number 1-866-606-5567 to report an absence using the automated phone system.

These options are available 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.  Future absences can be reported at any time.  SafeArrival app will have a number of benefits for both parents and staff. It is quick, convenient and will allow you to report daily absences as well as schedule future absences for your children for medical appointments and other important events in your lives. Using SafeArrival, you will be able to update your contact information easily, should it change. SafeArrival will also reduce the amount of staff time dedicated to tracking student absences, allowing them to spend more time supporting students. In addition, we will use the SchoolMessenger Communicate automated notification system to contact parents whose child is absent when the absence was not reported in advance. The automated notification system will attempt to contact parents at multiple contact points until a reason is submitted for the absence. If our system is unable to reach the designated contacts, office staff will follow up. If you report your child’s absence in advance using the SafeArrival toll-free number, website or mobile app, you will NOT receive these notifications.If you have not provided us with an email address, you may do so by contacting the school y prior to Jan. 14th, 2019. After that date, you will be able to set up your account by visiting the Safe Arrival site via the Report Absence button which will be available on our school website. Starting on Mon. Jan. 14th, 2019, please report absences in advance using SafeArrival instead of sending notes or calling/emailing the school.  Starting Jan. 14th, 2019, staff will begin using the SafeArrival notifications to let you know if your student is absent (when you haven’t reported the absence in advance).  If you have children attending other schools, please continue to report absences using the existing procedures for those schools.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation as we implement this new system.



School Council Volunteer Sign Up

School Council invites participation from all caregivers to volunteer at the school. Please sign up below for the events of your choice. We welcome you to attend meetings and get involved in any way you can. There are various roles you can help out with- please let us know if you have any questions.








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