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Message from the Principal

A warm welcome is extended to all students, parents and community members. At St. Davids Public School, we have a tradition of high academic standards and positive school participation and, we as a staff, expect our students to work at their best to achieve their best results in all endeavours. Parental interest, support and participation are encouraged. We look forward to working closely with you as we ensure the best possible education for all our students.

Together as a staff, we’ve set goals to maintain students’ reading and writing achievement in an effective literacy program while striving to increase achievement in mathematics. Students have completed assessments of these skills to serve as a benchmark for monitor future progress. St. Davids’ students exceeded board and provincial percentages in every category of EQAO. Our scores are above our goal of 75% of our students achieving Level 3 or above in every area except math. We have spent time discussing and analyzing our areas of strength and planning ways to build further successes. We’re all on a learning journey and we welcome your participation.

Mrs. T. Leemet, Proud Principal of St. Davids Public School